1. Vanaprastha.

Sevasramam, which is established in an acre of land in the heart of the city cochin houses an old age home – Vanaprastha. There are 32 inmates leading a community life, in a comfortable surrounding . The accommodation is provided to the inmates at a nominal rate. The sevasramam is established adjacent to Devi temple and Dharma Sastha Temple. It has got a prayer hall, Yoga and cultural activity halls and two auditoriums. The peace and tranquillity gives lot of mental comfort to the inmates. They are housed in single /double rooms which are self contained.
The construction of Vanaprastha phase II is on. The proposal is to construct 25 rooms (10 double and 15 single).

2. Village Adoption

7 Villages in and around Cochin Corporation are adopted by the sevasramam. Jointly with Help Age India, Rotary Club International, Public Sector undertakings like Banks, generous donation from individuals, well wishers and members of the Asramam, we have undertaken many programmes, It includes poverty alleviation, medical care, establishing tuition centres, computer Education facilities and women empowerment.

3. Poverty Alleviation

Social workers identify the poorest of the poor from the villages and we have designed a scheme to take care of the basic food and nourishment requirement of these families. They are mainly aged or permanently incapacitated people. As of now 75 such families are taken care of.

4.The ultimate freedom is through education

250 students from L.P.School to professional Courses are assisted by us. They are financed either from the common pool or by locating individual sponsors.

5. Educational Fund

Every year just before the school re-opening around 750 students are given full range of educational aid in the form of books, bag, umbrellas etc. Eligible children are identified by a screening committee and the most deserving get the assistance.

6. Extending Medical Aid

Depending upon the availability of funds financial help is extended to many deserving people, for purchase of medicines, treatment etc….
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