All the above projects could be taken forward with the generous donations from institutions and individuals. With folded hands we request you to donate generously to the above projects on hand. The phase II of Vanaprastha Mentioned above will be housed in. 6000 sqft area. You will be able to help us through generous donations. In this connection we have designed one more proposal.

Trust has decided to fix a plaque engraving the names of generous donors who contribute Rs.1 lakh and above, in front of the block. Individuals and institutions are also provided with an opportunity to dedicate rooms in memory of parent or beloved ones by donating Rs.5 Lakhs for double room and Rs.3 Lakh for single room. As an expression of our gratitude to you for the generous support, a marble plaque giving details of the donors as well as the name of the person in whose name the room is dedicated will be fixed in front of the room.
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